Aftermarket mirror install



After the purchase of your aftermarket mirrors it's time to install them.  This involves removing both door panels and the old mirrors.  If you have never had the door panels off your car you need to be careful and pay attention to the process of getting them off.  The plastic parts will break if you do it wrong.


I usually begin by rolling down the windows.  I first remove the plastic plate behind the door opening lever.  There is a small Phillips screw that will have to come out.  After removing that gently insert a small flathead screwdriver above and below the hinge pin and pull the back of the plate out.  Pull the lever out and slide out the plastic part. Reverse this process to reinstall.

Find the deep plastic door pull on the inside of the door.  Insert a small flat blade screwdriver under the right side edge and gently lift up.  It will pop loose.  Do the same thing with the left side.  Remove this part.  To reinstall, line it up and push down until it pops in place.

Remove the four screws, three at the bottom edge and one in the front edge of the panel.  The front screw will have a plastic cover over it.  Pry this off.

Remove the plastic tweeter cover by pulling out the top first.  Then lift it up and out freeing the bottom tabs.

Remove the three screws that hold the mirror.  They are located around the tweeter.  Two of them hold the tweeter in place.  Hold the mirror so it won't fall and break.

Locate the mirror wires and disconnect the plug.  Check to see if your electrical connector is the same as the one on the new mirrors.  If it is you are in luck.  If it is not you will have to splice them.  You may have to experiment to get the right combination so your mirror will adjust right.

Reverse these steps with the new mirrors.  Check the box to see if they sent you new screws to mount the mirrors.

Photos below: